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Typical Projects

innovative gas pressure reduction design

Pressure Reduction Installation (PRI) 2006/7

Rush Construction Services were major contributors to a recently successful project carried out by National Grid, where, in preparation for a reinforcement of the gas supply to West London, a new Pressure Reduction Installation has been built.

The new PRS is innovative in a number of ways: The design is the first in the UK to have below ground – no maintenance – regulators. This has meant sound attenuation is excellent and noise has reduced considerably – important in an urban environment with development potential close by. Coupled with no joint breaking for maintenance, this is a serious step forward in PRI design.

It performs to high standards whilst having a bifurcated – and switchable – inlet pressure regime of either 33 or 27 barg, due to inlet supplies being from two sources. This ability to switch between alternate supply systems enables the network operator to maximise available diurnal storage capacity by ‘linepack’ which frees up conventional storage by low pressure gas holders.

gas pressure reduction installationBeing an old (1850s until 1970) gas-producing works meant there was potentially serious contamination present. RCS were part of the team, during construction, which ensured that no contaminated material left site. All contaminated spoil was treated with bio agents to make it acceptable for re-use as backfill material. We believe strongly that taking contaminants offsite merely transfers the problem to someone else and is environmentally unsound. The project received commendation for its environmental aspects.

We were pleased and proud to have been associated with the project, providing all aspects of Design, Quantity Surveying, Site Supervision and CDM Planning Co-ordinator services to National Grid Gas.

South West Fringes: Greater London 2003

This was a green field installation which was necessitated by demand for gas on the outer fringes of National Grid operations and located within an area of natural beauty. Rush Construction Services were able to design sensitively for the surroundings and assist in the management of construction to ensure a successful outcome.

An innovative aspect of the project was the full fiscal metering capability, including temperature/pressure correction and CV measurement by gas chromatography, which was incorporated within the Design, as the station was a custody transfer facility between different network operators.

In addition, the site was landscaped sympathetically to provide excellent noise attenuation and visual camouflage in this area of natural beauty.

GALLERY gas distribution network substation development
Completed 2003
gas network project envirmonmental mitigation
September 2007

14 km x 400mm H.P. Gas Pipeline

This project was carried out for Transco (National Grid) Major Projects Department in 2001, where we provided project services including quantity surveying, site supervision, co-ordination and Health and Safety Audits. This contract was notable for the instigation by Rush Construction Services of re-cycling of excavated material to provide a finefill surround to the pipe when laid. This resulted in less depletion of natural aggregate resources (sand) and fewer heavy vehicle journeys in the locality.

An additional point of interest was the discovery of a double Saxon (A.D.700) burial, with two skeletons laid side by side, complete with an accompanying iron dagger. The perfect skeletons soon deteriorated upon exposure to the air and were removed to a local museum under licence from the Home Office.

laying long distance pipelines
Heritage and environmental considerations of pipe laying

Reinforcement of Gas Supplies to London 1992:

A number of our key staff were involved in the installation of a major reinforcing pipeline and associated pressure reduction stations in North London, part of which involved laying pipe through difficult urban streets and sensitive high-value parkland (Hampstead Heath).

We assisted in the optimum management of project cost and effective negotiation of contractor’s claims for additional costs.

The successful culmination of the project was, to a large extent, due to the traditional approach in financial management involving a client, contractor and quantity surveying service (which we were proud to have provided).

laying gas pipes in environmentally sensitive areas
Reinforcement of Gas Supplies, London