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Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ)

Gas Pipeline installation H&S Risk Assessment and ManagementRush Construction Services consider the disciplines of health and safety and environmental management an integral part of our business function and we have adopted working practices to meet International Standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. We are an Achilles UVDB and Verify Registered Vendor. In addition, we regularly monitor HSE publications and bulletins.

Health & Safety: Risk Assessment & Management: An important part of the consultancy services which we provide to clients is advice on and monitoring of health and safety matters before and during construction projects, which entails careful risk assessment prior to the implementation of tasks, scrutiny of method statements and continuous on-site monitoring. Several members of staff are planning supervisors/CDM co-ordinators and employees regularly attend update courses on CDM, health and safety. Directors of the company have also attended five-day construction industry safety courses and the associated updates Managing Site Safety. We consider staff training and CPD (Continuing Professional Development) essential from both the personal and professional best practice points of view. On site, we contribute to Site Safety Inductions and Toolbox Talks. In addition to the advice provided to others, we carry out regular Health and Safety inspections of our own premises, encouraging employees to be aware of and report any potential hazards.

Health & Safety Risk Assessment and ManagementEnvironment: Risk Assessment & Management: In our design and project management, we are cognisant of the need to protect the natural environment and to encourage the adoption of appropriate environmental standards within the project team. As part of our remit in project managing construction, we have promoted environmentally friendly activities on several projects: indeed, we endeavour to do this wherever possible. Below are two examples of projects where we have carried out Environmental Risk Assessments and implemented environmentally friendly solutions:

  • In 2001, we encouraged the principal contractor on a major pipeline project to recycle and re-use excavated material to backfill a pipe trench. This resulted not only in financial savings to the project but also (and more importantly) savings in the number of lorry journeys necessary and in the depletion of natural resources (imported fill would normally have been used). The demand on landfill resources was also reduced.
  • More recently, we actively encouraged and achieved the successful treatment and recycling of excavated contaminated material in a gasworks site, rather than disposing of the spoil as "contaminated waste" and transferring the "contamination" elsewhere. This has proven not only environmentally effective but also cost effective, resulting in a project award.

Gas supply network mitigation of environmental impact
Assessment and Mitigation of Environmental Impact
We also look for continuous improvement in our own environmental practices by minimising the consumption of materials and encouraging the use of more environmentally friendly alternatives where possible, coupled with recycling and encouraging employees to suggest how we can further reduce our environmental impact. We also encourage employees to work from home as much as possible, thus reducing carbon emissions, stress and time spent in travelling, and energy consumption. From our various locations in Devon, Hampshire, Sussex and London, we are able to cover the whole of the South of England, further reducing our carbon footprint in a cost efficient way.